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Hi my name is Richard Huntley, and If you are the type of person who has always struggled with losing the stubborn fat off your body, chances are you have been lead down the wrong path with no real fat loss results.

So if your goal is to lose fat as fast as humanly possible, it should come to no surprise that you must learn a proven strategic plan to get you the results you want and truly deserve.

The harsh reality is that you probably aren’t even burning fat while you sit hear and read this, but here’s where you will discover these “3 Reasons You’re NOT Burning Fat 24/7″ and how you can change this in as little as 14 short days.

Typical cardio exercises like spending 45 minutes on a piece of cardio gym equipment won’t keep you burning fat throughout the day, especially with there one sized gym machine fits all approach.

In fact, research has shown that a precise Metabolic Conditioning routine can increase your metabolism up to 48 hours after your workout.

It basically consists of total body exercises linked together with shortened cardiovascular recovery.

This means you will get your workout done in 10-20 minutes and still achieve better results than working out for an hour.

It’s because you have increased the metabolic effect during your workout you will continue to burn fat after your workout has finished, and up to 48 hours after.

And this is why people are switching over to this style of fat burning exercises. Less time MORE Results!

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