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RF Radio Frequency EMS LED Photon Electroporation Mesoporation Face Raise Facial Lifting Physique Thermage Dermis Care Elegance Slimming


Introduction :

Time Grasp dermis care gadget is decent for physique & face skincare. It works on dermis rejuvenation, skin tonning, wrinkle elimination, anti-age, skin renewal, anti-allergy, pore size discount, increase dermis elasticity, and enrich dermis absorption of beauty items, and so on. Time Master consists of 2 pairs of bipolar and sixteen items of UV LED lamps. The treatment enviornment reaches 7cm diameter and you may do quick and brief medicine on whole physique. People feel a bit bit heat, comfortable and relax throughout the medicine. No ache, no hurt. Skin product (e.g. essence) should be utilized. And the Time Grasp would aid dermis to soak up the items more effectively. Daily medicine is accessible. About 10 minutes treatment ordinary can preserve sharp physique, smooth dermis and younger face.

Theory And performance

a.Radio Frequency

For cleansing, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation

Electrical power tends to comply with the shortest distance between two electrodes.


When electrical energy runs through dwelling tissue the high power stream generates warmth as a attribute of the electricity and the resistance to electrical energy via the dwelling tissue. This is one more characteristic


of Dr. Arrivo that adapts electrical energy to be mild on the dermis.


b.LED( Light Emitting Diode )



For medicine of pimples lesions

It works effectively without harmful the skin through the use of an particularly delicate LED mild developed solely for elegance gadget.










If you press the for an extended time,it will seem 7 Coloration :

Red Mild (415nm-450nm)

Stimulate the construction of collagen. Collagen is the basic protein used to repair broken tissue and to replace ancient tissue. Best for first-rate strains,reduce pore dimension, swollen after surgical procedure.

Yellow Mild(580nm-590nm)

Provide sufficient oxygen to dermis, tighten dermis and raise dermis

Blue Mild (430nm-450 nm) :

Acne micro organism consists of Porphyrins; The blue mild is capable of kill Porphyrins because of the excessive affinity with this wavelength. The blue light moreover has a chilled motion resulting advantageous on



Green Mild:(520nm-530nm)

a, Biological consequences: it is a natural colour, a impartial and stable impact between the blue and yellow characteristic;

b, treatment impact: regulation of dermis gland functionality, improve oily dermis, blackheads,acne, etc.;

c, Application: oily dermis.

Purple Mild:(590nm-600nm)

detoxification ,Make the dermis more suit

Moon Eco-friendly Mild:(630mm-640mm)

Make dermis more shiny, more elastic


White mild:(500mm-520mm)

Make the skin greater import, better absorption

c.EP( Electroporation

Introducing elegance essence into your dermis

This elegance laptop is used for collagen injection with no needle. Macromolecular accessories akin to collagen and hyaluronic acid can’t effortlessly penetrate the deep

layer of the dermis from the floor. But with our particular technology known as

"Electroporation" you can obtain a excessive stage of effectiveness with out any ache.

d.BIO Micro Present

For lifting dermis, weight loss, cellulite medicine

Four facets are used to be sure that the electrical present works randomly and stimulates the muscular tissues very gently inflicting a secondary muscular action that preserves the dermis’s elasticity


and suppleness.



10 (1)


7 (1)



SR-2652 mixed with four applied sciences with Radio


Frequency,LED,Electroportaion, BIO Micro Present .

4 Electrical advice and sixteen items of LED lamps for medicine.

Daily skincare for physique & face remedy. Stop time flowing via your dermis.

Handy Time Grasp that is effortless to carry round, treatment fulfill all over the place at each time.

Enjoy skincare at domestic with in-office journey.


1.Effect a thorough treatment blain blain, and curb the adolescence beans and black of the original micro organism, improve pimples scars

2.Remove wrinkles, skin lifting ,skin Rejuvenitation.

3.Improve dermis, promote the formation of collagen, make dermis more youthful

4.Remove the pink spot

5.Nourish and whiten dermis


Package itemizing

1 laptop Main laptop

1 pcs Vigor Adapter

1 laptop package container




Frequency :50-60Hz

Power Consumption:10W

Output Frequency:90KHz


Fobidden Rely

Pls observed that this merchandise is not utilized to individuals as following:

1.People with heart ailment or excessive blood force,or configured cardiac pacemaker

2. Patients with acute irritation,asthma,deep vein thrombosis,theyroncus,cancer

3. Pregnant girls

4.People with hemorrhagic ailment,trauma or who’s bleeding

5. Medical plastic ingredients,or ingredients with synthetic in filling interior

6. People with metal interior the physique(include metal teeth)

7. Patient with skin irritation or with edema

8. People with an irregular immune gadget


9. Numb or insensitive to warmth

10.when operated on face,please don’t put on contact lenses.

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